Snakademy - A revolutionary new way to study sax. 

Snakademy is an ongoing, constantly building series of tutorials, lessons, tips, and opportunities for you to practice and play together with Snake Davis. The lessons stand alone or can work in tandem with your regular teacher if you have one, or with whatever learning methods you are currently using. Recurring themes include expressiveness, beauty of sound, relaxed posture, breathing and the air. 

* Many many hours of specially produced tuition not available anywhere else 
* New content added monthly 
* Feels like one-on-one 
* Separate alto and tenor versions 

Student quotes, from workshops…. 
 ‘my practice sessions are much more structured and productive, my motivation to practice is greatly increased, I am actually enjoying playing scales and I’m very conscious of my breathing. My teacher tells me that I sound a lot better, so something must have worked!’ John S 

‘It is the most Zen I have felt in a really long time.’ Katie S 

‘I have gained more confidence, a richer tone and a stack of techniques to make my playing sound more interesting and creative. Thank you Snake’ Craig D 

‘Learning with Snake Davis as tutor is totally inspirational ‘ Julie P 

‘You really show and explain clearly what the sax is capable of’ Dave C 

‘You are an amazing teacher, I am inspired to try and do more improvisation’ Dee M 

‘You sir are the most soulful saxophone player I have ever heard.’ David M 

‘I think I will devote the rest of my life to the saxophone:-)’ Glyn O 

‘I can still feel the effects of those exercises. I really can't thank you enough!’ Adie S 

‘Thank you for sharing all your expertise with me and for being such a good teacher.’ Diane C 

‘I cant tell you how much we all appreciate your help support and encouragement’ Colin S

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