Up and running..

Started the year in a quiet peaceful way with a couple of weeks working on the Relaxation CD 'Time Stands Still' (aiming for an April release)

Now, as I write in early Feb, live shows are underway again, Helmsley Haworth Barton Andover Maidstone, Birmingham, Soho and Torrington, all completely different from each other and all wonderful. I still enjoy live concerts best out of all I do but the travel bit can be grim.. Crawling around the M25 in heavy traffic or battling through Storm Ciara on a 5 hour overnight Devon to N. Lincolnshire run, no fun, but eager appreciative audiences more than make up for that. And my ‘pre-gig scamper’ is a bonus. Occasionally I make time for a walk or run between venues, last week it was the Wessex Downs and the Monarch Way in Wiltshire, wonderful countryside. 

I’m an avid Radio 4 listener so it was an honour to be interviewed for the ‘Today Programme’ last Friday, just a shame it was SO early, a 6.20am slot in the business news chatting about how musicians receive royalties from broadcast performances.

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