Japan tour rolls on..

Great to be out of Tokyo, first port is Toyama, West Coast, ‘Gateway to the Northern Alps’ There are indeed fine mountains to be spotted beyond the urban sprawl. And the air is clearer.
‘Production rehearsals’ today, ie in situ at the first venue, an imposing cold 12,000 seater ‘gymnasium’ with the sound and lights all set up.

I love my walk to work and back. Couple of miles, down a river, and although it’s flowing through urban sprawl it has interesting foreign looking ducks and grey and white heron.
I discovered the Rakusuitei Gardens, a smallish but wonderful non-famous garden attached to an art museum. I don’t understand how they keep it going, I stayed an hour and a bit and was the only person there. How do the  gardeners wages get paid? I've posted some pics over on the Facebook page @snakedavis


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