psyching up and packing

Japan looms again, off i go to join the band of a big Japanese Rock Star. I do love Japan and it's always exciting to tour there but i don't like this build up period. As i type my passport with work visa is late back from the embassy, and every day i'm receiving changes to the set list. Plus working out how to transport my saxes. Each year i think i might come up with a more cunning way. His shows are BIG! Watching the rugby last weekend, at Yokohama Stadium, half way through the match i remembered that i'd played there too, on that occasion the 70,000 audience were on the pitch and i was on stage with Eikichi.

Making the most of my last few days on home turf though, lovely gigs almost till the day i fly off. Had a wonderful run of shows with my buddy Gareth Moulton, the last 3 were on the same day. Hull Truck sold out so we added a matinee, that sold out so we added a 1.00 lunchtime show. We survived and enjoyed ourselves. Food for thought, more matinees maybe?

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