the lockdown workshops

Snake is currently working on improving the Lockdown Workshops that came out weekly when the UK March lockdown began. Snakademy, an online learning system is coming soon. Please email us here if you'd like more information.

Dragonfly resources

dragonfly-workshop-Eb-chords-and-scales.pdf Chord and scale exercises to work with for 'Dragonfly' 42.9 KB
dragonfly-workshop-Bb-chords-and-scales.pdf Chord and scale exercises for 'Dragonfly' 42.2 KB
Dragonfly Bb For Sax clinic, soloing workshop 56.6 KB

Dragonfly Backing Track

Dragonfly Workshop download

Snake Davis

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This is the full workshop download including 27 tracks and music booklet. Dragonfly, a happy African jazz groove, was written by Snake Davis on one of his many tours of Japan and was first released on his Talking Bird album back at the start of 2008.
Written for alto, tenor, soprano and baritone saxes, clarinet and flute. Examples are given on all instruments except baritone sax and clarinet. Clarinet players use the soprano parts and tracks, baritone players use the alto parts and tracks. There are quick (track 1) and medium (track 2) backing tracks to choose from.

Play the backing track or guide track a few times so that you get to know it, following the tune on the music if you are a music reader.

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    Alto 3:30
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    Tenor 3:23
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Miscellaneous exercises and resources

snake-like-weaving-patterns.pdf As described. Try them at different speeds, swung and straight. 79 KB
play-better-sax-solos-pdf.pdf 25 drills for improving your improvising skills 53.2 KB
Spicing Up. Expressive techniques Downloadable document 56.5 KB
stage-fright-performance-nerves-snake-davis.pdf STAGE FRIGHT - Downloadable document to help with stage nerves and anxiety 120 KB
soloing-getting-started-getting-better.pdf SOLOS - Getting Started, Getting Better. Workshop notes from the Snake Davis Masterclass at in October 2016 76 KB
youre-the-one-edit-in-f.mp3 You're The One - Backing Track. Simple backing track in F major (D for alto/bari G for tenor/soprano). Useful for drills in "Play better sax solos" youtube video 4.38 MB
snake-c7-back-track.mp3 Snake backing track C7. A one chord groove used in my "How to play better sax solos" youtube video. To get going with it try this:- For alto A blues scale, a c d e b e g a For tenor D blues scale d f g g⌗ a c d 4.44 MB