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Livestream database Lovingly assembled by Mike Cole and Richard Bell 450 KB
year-of-the-snake-by-mike-cole.docx Richard challenged Mike to continue the theme with the remaining song titles. Mike Cole duly accepted. Another amazing piece of work 420 KB
richards-reflections-of-a-year-of-livestreams.pdf Our great friend Richard Bell presents a clever and witty assessment of the first year of Locked-down Live-streams 276 KB

Dance Single 

We've all been working hard on getting our first ever dance single release. Snake performed the sax parts on Klingande’s “Jubel”, Faul & Wad Ad “Change’s”, Sunshine State’s “Atlanta”, Calvin Harris’s “The Rain”, and hits of M-People and now steps out with his own Dance - Deep House / Tropical House dance release "JDH!8" (or JDH18). It's released on 2nd July (digital only) and will be available at all the normal stores and streaming services.
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Missing the gigs.. 

‘You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone’ 

..sang Joni Mitchell. 

Being forcibly ejected by COVID from my never-stopping 42 year roundabout of gigs tours TV shows and recording sessions has finally given me some perspective, some distance, the ability to contemplate a life and career largely spent on the road. 6 months without a gig after what seems like 42 years without a break. No foreseeable prospect of being back at it any time soon. I miss my musical mates, I miss the income, I miss the feeling…

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New Album and LiveStreams 

Such a lot has happened in the last 3 weeks. Amazingly, the new album Time Stands Still arrived early and we managed to get orders shipped out straight away. We're still posting them, but the delivery times are erratic. A few people asking about Frog on a Lily Pad - that was the working title of the album.

Snake launched online LiveStream shows and sax clinic workshops. They've been well received so we'll keep them going while we can. The internet may get patchy from time to time. we think this is to do…

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the covid era 

As I write, 19th March, these are such uncertain times, unsettling and confusing to say the least. 

Most shows for the next few weeks have been cancelled but not all so do check websites, ours and the venues before travelling. 

Meanwhile I’m scheming and head-scratching, cant sit around just practicing n writing on me own for the whole of Spring, I’ll be reaching out to you and keeping in touch through your computers in one way or another… 

Stay safe and look after each other..

Up and running.. 

Started the year in a quiet peaceful way with a couple of weeks working on the Relaxation CD 'Time Stands Still' (aiming for an April release)

Now, as I write in early Feb, live shows are underway again, Helmsley Haworth Barton Andover Maidstone, Birmingham, Soho and Torrington, all completely different from each other and all wonderful. I still enjoy live concerts best out of all I do but the travel bit can be grim.. Crawling around the M25 in heavy traffic or battling through Storm Ciara on a 5 hour…

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Website changes 

Not many people really like change. The Snake website has been hosted very successfully by HostBaby for many years but this month see's a switch to Bandzoogle. Hopefully it won't affect anyone looking for information or posting in the guestbook. We're optimistic that if anything, we might be able to make the website better - only time will tell.

In the meantime, if you spot anything out of place, not working or just looking odd; do let us know and we'll try and fix it. 

Fingers crossed!

Sally at Snake Davis

Japan tour rolls on.. 

Great to be out of Tokyo, first port is Toyama, West Coast, ‘Gateway to the Northern Alps’ There are indeed fine mountains to be spotted beyond the urban sprawl. And the air is clearer.
‘Production rehearsals’ today, ie in situ at the first venue, an imposing cold 12,000 seater ‘gymnasium’ with the sound and lights all set up.

I love my walk to work and back. Couple of miles, down a river, and although it’s flowing through urban sprawl it has interesting foreign looking ducks and grey and white heron.

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From Japan 

Landed in Tokyo a few days ago and now full steam ahead with rehearsals. Except today, we got an extra day off, grid-locked roads due to The Emporers Parade, Half hour trip in an open top car, no-one can get to work around here. Shows coming up in Toyama, Sapporo, Sendai, Hamamatsu, Fukuoka, Osaka and Tokyo. Looking forward to new discoveries. Even though I’ve been  here many times there’s always something fresh. And old favourites,  temples, gardens, Ramen noodles and Sushi. Here's todays Ramen..

psyching up and packing 

Japan looms again, off i go to join the band of a big Japanese Rock Star. I do love Japan and it's always exciting to tour there but i don't like this build up period. As i type my passport with work visa is late back from the embassy, and every day i'm receiving changes to the set list. Plus working out how to transport my saxes. Each year i think i might come up with a more cunning way. His shows are BIG! Watching the rugby last weekend, at Yokohama Stadium, half way through the match i remembered that…

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Apple pie? 

I'm starting to think about my next solo show, at my lovely 'local' Ropery Hall... completely solo that is, although i bring my whole family of instruments, 12 of em if i've counted correctly, to keep me company.. The newest one is an unusual beastie, a Hand Pan. For once something i dont blow, its a multi-pitched metal drum. Quite unusual looking, its been likened to a wok, or a spaceship. Couple of days ago i was playing for some lovely primary school children, one of them stuck his hand us.. 'Mr…

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